Deurić Winery – A juicy taste of Serbia's Fruška Gora region

Deurić Winery – A juicy taste of Serbia's Fruška Gora region

Deurić Winery – located near the village of Mala Remeta on the sunny, southern slopes of the Fruška Gora region of Serbia – has a philosophy – “From grapes we draw the best that nature has given us.”

Deurić honors the authenticity and natural conditions of terroir – climate, soil, winegrowing, and winemaking. In the cellar, winemaker Mirko Niškanović and his team combine Serbian traditions and state-of-the art technology to craft some of the country’s finest wines, including native varieties like Morava and Probus and international varieties like Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. Below are a couple of our favorites to whet your appetite for Serbian wines.

Deurić Pannonian Treasures Sauvignon Pét-Nat 2022
You've struck gold with this sparkling Sauvignon!
Mirko created this Pétillant Naturel (Pét-Nat) – a sparkling, skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc made in the ‘Méthode Ancestrale' (bottling the wine during fermentation where it finishes, creating natural bubbles) – especially for the NIKO label in the United Kingdom. Its fine effervescence adds extra zip and zing to the Sauvignon's juicy flavors like lemon and lime – plus a sprinkling of herbal and savory spice. Serve this as an apéritif or alongside fresh green salads, sashimi, charcuterie, and triple-cream cheeses.

Deurić Severna Morava 2022
This white is like a breath of fresh air
Mirko’s Morava – a native Serbian variety – has everything you want in a white. It's layered with bright fruit aromas and flavors like zesty citrus, crisp apple, and juicy peach capped off by a vibrant, persistent finish. A wine this lively calls for pairings like fresh green salads with creamy dressings, marinated white fish dishes, or traditional Serbian gibanica (a cottage cheese and egg pastry).

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