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Eger RegionThe majority of Eger’s vineyards are located on gentle slopes exposed to the south, east or west. Sheltered from the cold winds of the north Carpathian mountains, summers are very warm and dry here but winters are long and bitter. Eger is the wine region that is home to Bikaver, better known as the famous “Bull’s Blood”, a red wine not remembered for its quality when mass-produced during the 70’s and 80’s! Nowadays our winemakers have strict yield limitations in place, meaning they control the quantity of grape per vine to produce high quality wine. The popular Bikaver consists of at least three grape varieties, with Kekfrankos or Kadarka typically the base element blended with varieties such as Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Kekmedoc, or Blaubuger. White grape varieties grown in this region include Harslevelu, Olaszrizling and Leanyka. The red wines produced in this region are harmonious, full-bodied, velvety and warming, while white wines range from slightly sweet and fruity, to fragrant and gently acidic.