Collection: Márkvárt

A descendant of a Swabian family, János Márkvárt Jnr is a self-taught, third-generation winegrower and winemaker whose family has longtime roots in Szekszárd. As a child he helped his grandfather in his winery and together in 1996, they relaunched their cellar. Their vineyards include Baranya Valley, Village, Sauli Valley, Right Hermit, Bakta, and the Gyűszű Valley. The family’s heritage is rooted in ancient, head-trained Kadarka. “I was born with 50% Kadarka in my blood,” he says. One of these vineyards, Right Hermit, boasts 100-year-old (or older) vines. His goal is to show the tradition and the elegance of the Szekszárdi region by making wines that were also made in the old days, such as Kadarka, Kékfrankos and Bikavér (Bull’s Blood).