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Szurkebarat/ Pinot Gris 2015

Sabar Winery, Balaton




Winemaker: Gabor Adam
Region: Balaton
Variety/Blend: Szurkebarat aka Pinot Gris

Tasting Notes: 

A vibrant, rich, layered white wine. On the nose mainly peach, green apple, pear and some vanilla. Full bodied on the palate with creamy texture. Elegant oak use, refined minerality.

Training System: High Cordon, Hand Harvested

Fermented in 500 liters lightly toasted oak barrels and aged for half-year.

Terroir Old-Hill, Badacsonyors

Serve on 10-12 C

Food pairing: Ideal company of sh, poultry and slightly spiced pork

ABV: 13%

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