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Harslevelu 2015

Zsirai Wine Cellars, Tokaj



Pronunciation: "Harsh-level-oo"

Winemaker: Zsirai Sisters
Region: Tokaj
Variety/Blend: Harslevelu

Tasting Notes: 

Fermented and aged in used oak barrels for 7 month before bottling.

Fresh, light character of Tokaj wines with delicate fruity notes of citrus and lime tree aromas.  A super example for Harslevelu, highly enjoyable wine. 

Terroir: Mád Középhegy 60%, Rátka Padihegyn 40%

Goes great with lasagne, bolognese and tomato based dishes, cold meats and salamis, garlic/herb dishes, roast pork and red meats. Well suited to complex dishes.

ABV: 11,5%

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