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Feketeleanyka/Feteasca Neagra 2014

Balla Geza, Minis




Winemaker: Geza Balla
Region: Minis
Variety/Blend: Fekete Leanyka/Feteasca Neagra

Tasting Notes: 

The smell of our wine is full of notes specific to the variety: intensive fruity scents of sour cherry, blackcurrant and blueberry are mixed with spicy characters. As for its taste, soft and round tannins with nice acidity make this variety so lovely. This red wine is made by natural fermentation, and was matured in barrels of 5000l.

Feteasca Neagra (the "Black girl") is a native variety in our region coming from the Eastern part of Transylvania. Its source traces back to Stephen I of Hungary (AD 975-1038). Today it is grown in a lot smaller area than it used to be in the earlier centuries. 

ABV: 13%

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