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Our Wine Makers

We are proud to represent some of Hungary's most innovative winemakers and showcase wines from some of Hungary's richest wine regions. Our winemakers all share a contemporary vision with a deep respect for Hungary's long standing winemaking traditions, and each has a passion for producing wines of exceptional quality and character. 



Tibor Gal Winery

Established in 1993 by Tibor Gal Sr, an expert in viticulture, the Tibor Gal Winery has regenerated the famous red “Bull’s Blood” Egri Bikaver, and introduced the new white cuvee Egri Csillag. Following his tragic death in 2005, the family maintained the winery until Tibor Gal Jr took over the management in 2011, continuing and evolving his father’s philosophy and passion for producing regional wines of exceptional quality. He brings his own wealth of experience to the winery. He was the visionary behind a contemporary ecological processing plant in the centre of their estate, and a museum supporting local wine tourism. 



Kardos Winery

Gábor Kardos Sr. established this family-run winery in 1989, initially selling their wines at their family-owned pub in Mád. Gabor Kardos Jr continues the ethos to produce wines of exquisite quality, and create late harvest dessert wines and dry white wines of great character. This is achieved by maintaining a strict regulation of their crop and selective harvests. Their limited stocks of Aszu wine are only produced in years of exceptional quality, confirming their philosophy of producing top-class wines. With highly favourable recognition from experts and an exquisite selection of wines to their name, theirs is a winery to watch.














Zsirai Wine Cellars

Sisters Petra and Kata inherited the winery from their father, Csaba Zsirai, who was driven by his love of nature, his respect for preserving Hungary's winemaking heritage, and his affection for Hungarian wine when he established vineyards on three of the country's most significant terrains in Mad-Tokaj, Villany, and Somlo. The Zsirai sisters continue his legacy and believe that the secret of good wine is excellent soil, proper selection of grapes varieties, diligent care, and a good year. Experimenting with native grape varieties and using cultivation methods best suited to each varietal and terrain, Zsirai wines are true Hungaricums.


Erzsebet Cellars

Hajnalka Pracser, Erzsebet Pince, Tokaj regionElizabeth Pracser planted her own vineyard in 1979 and bought her second family cellar, Erzsebet Pince, in 1989, with a central cellar situated in the heart of Tokaj. She has been the managing director of the estate since 1999 and her daughter, Hajnalka Pracser, is a winemaker who has worked in St. Emilion and the Napa and Sonoma valleys. They cultivate indigenous Tokaj varieties on 30 acres of land, in vineyards that are historically classified as first and second class. They believe in natural farming and gentle winemaking techniques, with very little intervention, to produce wine of superb quality. 



Laposa Wine Estate

Established in 1990 the Laposa family estate currently has over 10 hectares of vines across the beautiful Badacsony area. Bence Laposa now runs the winery with his sisters also actively involved. They combine traditional processes with the latest technology to produce wines of exceptional quality and style, infused with the freshness and minerals of the region's basalt hills. The result is a selection of wines that truly reflect the prestige of Badacsony. If you’re lucky enough to visit the area be sure to visit this winery and wine hotel, and take a moment to savour a glass of their refreshing white wine while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake of Balaton. 


Figula Winery

Mihaly Figula, Balaton regionThe Figula Winery was founded in Balaton in 1993, but the family’s wine making journey began with great grandfather Istvan Tolnay, who was a deeply respected winemaker in the area in the 19th century. The family take huge pride in preserving Balaton’s winemaking traditions and in the bounty that the region has to offer, stating that it is the relationship between the land, the natural resources, and their careful expertise that makes their vineyards and their produce so delightful. They pursue a passion for innovation and adventure,  using the latest technology to create delightful wines from a rich and unique terroir.



Kertesz Family Winery

The Kertesz Family Winery was established after Zoltan and Agnes Kertesz, on a visit to Etyek, first fell in love with the countryside, the people, and their wines. In 2007, following many subsequent trips to the region, they bought Gödör, a cellar built in 1862 but renovated and modernised to include modern technological equipment, the latest Cooled-heated steel tank from the best Hungarian oak barrels. They are known for a broad range of wine and for their excellent frizzantes.



Eszterbauer Winery

Janos Eszterbauer and Laci Palinkas, SzekszardEszterbauer family’s vineyard has been included in the archives of Szekszard city since 1746. János Eszterbauer, 10th generation of the family and chairman of the Szekszárd Winemakers’s Guild since 2007, brought the family tradition to life again and founded the Eszterbauer Winery with the help of his cousin, winemaker Laci Pálinkás. Traditional winemakers with a respect for their heritage, they commemorate their great grandfather in the label of the “Tanyamacska”.


Sebestyen Wine Cellars

The Sebestyen winery was established in 1998 and is well situated in the Szekszard region, one of Hungary’s best winemaking areas thanks to its ideal climate, and one of the oldest too, boasting a wine-growing history that dates as far back as Roman times. The family-run Sebestyen winery produces high quality wines by following the highest production standards, with a strict yield limitation system and selection of only the best grapes for harvesting. They combine ancient traditions with the latest technology, and utilise their knowledge of exactly which grapes thrive exceptionally well in the local terroir to offer a delightful selection of red and white wines from both national and international varieties.


Vesztergombi Wine Cellars

Ferenc and Csaba Vesztergombi, SzekszardTheir coat of arms, depicting a fox holding a grape, proves that the Vesztergombi family has been involved in viniculture since the 1700s. The very first regional head of the wine community was a Vesztergombi. Their cellar has been standing at the north gate of the town since 1992. Ferenc Vesztergombi, a professional winemaker since 1970, gained recognition in 1993 with the prestigious "Wine Maker of the Year" award, and since 2012 he has been Szekszárd’s honorary citizen of the city. In 1996, his son Csaba also joined the winery. Every variety has a role in the Vesztergombi story: Syrah for example is the apple of Csaba's eye and it performs miracles in good vintages.


Takler Wine Estate

Andras Takler, Takler Wine Estate, SzekszardThe Takler winery was established in 1987 and is managed by Ferenc Takler and his sons Andras and Ferenc.  With winemakers in the family as far back as the 1700s, they know how to get the very best from the local terroir and climate, having 58 hectares situated in the very best locations Szekszard has to offer. They specialise in producing dark, full-bodied, velvety red wines from kekfrankos and kadarka grapes, alongside crisp and refreshing white wines and roses. They focus on growing premium grapes of equal quality, gaining an excellent reputation and competitive level recognition both nationally and internationally in the process.