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As well as delivering our excellent Hungarian wines to private customers, Danube Wines supplies to both off-trade and on-trade clients, and provides expertise and support through wine tastings and events.

Interested in stocking a wine selection in your restaurant?

  • Get in touch to receive our wholesale pricelist.
  • Let us help you put together the right collection to suit your menu.
  • We’ll train your staff.
  • You’ll get our expert documentation so when others join your team, you’ll be able to train them too easily.


Are you a wine merchant and want us to supply you?

We are committed to make outstanding Hungarian wines available to a very special UK audience, so if that’s important to you too, let’s join forces. 

  • Get in touch to receive our wholesale price list
  • Comprehensive info package and product support
  • No minimum order ( free delivery if you order 10 or more cases)

 If you would like to know more about our services or see our wholesale price list, you can give us a call, email us, or simply complete the contact form below, and we will be in touch.


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