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Supreme 2013

Kardos Winery, Tokaj



Pronunciation: "Supreme"

Winemaker: Gabor Kardos
Region: Tokaj
Variety/Blend: 60 % Furmint, 40 % Harslevelu

Tasting Notes: 

A straw-coloured, aromatic, dry white wine made from a blend of Furmint and Hárslevelű grapes selected from the great Betsek and Padihegy’s vineyards of Kardos Winery. High quality, fermented with natural yeast and matured five months in oak barrels, it has a complex fruity aroma, a rich minerality, and a little  bit of residual sugar to give you a truly supreme Tokaj wine.

Goes great with: Lasagne, bolognese and tomato based dishes, cold meats and salamis, garlic/herb dishes, roast pork and red meats. Well suited to complex dishes.

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