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Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos 2005

Pannon Tokaj Winery - Tokaj



Pronunciation: "Ah-soo 6 Poot-on-yosh"

Winemaker: Pannon Tokaj
Region: Tokaj
Variety/Blend: Furmint, Harslevelu, Zeta

 Tasting Notes:

This equal blend of 33% Furmint, 33% Harslevelu and 33% Zeta creates a harmonious equation of a decadently sweet wine that’s very easy-drinking despite its immense character.

A beautifully floral wine with obvious pleasurable hints of apricot, honey, peach and orange peel, backed by elegant mineral notes.

Elegant Bothrytis, 3 years ageing in oak. It is and will most definitely be winner of wine competitions – both nationally and internationally.

Enjoy it now or over the next 50 or so years.

Goes great with cakes, desserts, goose liver, blue cheese, and is a fantastic aperitif.

Best served at 10-12 Celsius.

Bottle size 0,5 l 

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