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Tibor Gal, an expert in viticulture, established his winery in 1993. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he chose the very best locations for his vineyards, planting 40 hectares of grapes in the Eger region over a period of 5 years. Following his tragic death in 2005, the Gal family maintained the winery until Tibor Gal Jr took over the management in 2011, continuing and evolving his father’s business philosophy and passion for producing regional wines of exceptional quality.  In addition, he brings his own wealth of experience to the winery; he is the visionary behind the construction of a contemporary ecological processing plant in the centre of their estate, and he aims to create a museum to support wine tourism in the area and celebrate the region’s renowned grape varieties. The Tibor Gal Winery focuses on producing three wines, regenerating the famous red “Bull’s Blood” Egri Bikaver, and introducing the new white cuvee Egri Csillag.