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Soltadkert Kunsag

The Kunsag, Hungary’s largest wine region is situated in the centre of the country, with most of its territory falling between the Danube and Tisza rivers.

The terrain is essentially a flat plain. The region’s climate is defined by the continental influences that prevail in much of Hungary, with a hot summer and a cold winter.

The main soil type is calcareous sand which is distinguished by the ability to warm up fast and reflect the sun better due to its light colour, which is obviously beneficial to the vines.

Janos Frittmann was the first winemaker in the Kunsag region to have been awarded “Winemaker of the Year” in 2007 which raised some well-deserved attention to the wines of the area.

The Kunsag produces harmonious, lighter whites such as Irsai Oliver, Olaszrizling, Chardonnay, Riesling, Ezerjo, Muskotaly Cuvee and Cserszegi Fuszeres.

The region’s only native red grape variety is Kadarka, but Kekfrankos, Zweigelt, Cabernet franc and Cabernet sauvignon are also achieving prestigious places in competitions which shows the real potential of the Kunsag’s viticulture.