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Tokaj Dry 2015

Kardos Winery, Tokaj




Winemaker: Gabor Kardos
Region: Tokaj
Variety/Blend: Furmint, Harslevelu, Sargamuskotaly

Tasting Notes:  

A beautiful blend of Tokaj's grape varieties: Furmint, Harslevelu and Sargamuskotaly and a fine representation of the Mad terroir. A reductive, crisp, dry white wine with sweet fruit aromas of apple, pear and citrus, and a hint of Tokaj’s minerals. One of our favourites!

Goes great with grilled or baked salmon and tuna, grilled or roast chicken and turkey, barbecues, risotto, pasta dishes like carbonara, seafood in creamy white wine sauce.

ABV: 12%

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