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The Figula Winery was founded in Balaton in 1993, but the family’s wine making journey began with great grandfather Istvan Tolnay, who was a deeply respected winemaker in the area in the 19th century. The family take huge pride in preserving Balaton’s 2000 years worth of winemaking traditions and in the bounty that the region has to offer, stating that it is the relationship between the land, the natural resources, and their careful expertise that makes their vineyards and their produce so delightful. They combine their respect for history with a passion for innovation and adventure, using the latest technology to create delightful wines from a rich and unique terroir, cultivating 40-50 year old vineyards with young plantations that are only few years old and creating 80-100,000 bottles per year. From grape to glass, the family manage the production of wines of high quality and character, all the while overlooking the beautiful Lake of Balaton. Heaven!