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Balaton - Rizling2 2015

Laposa Wine Estate, Balaton



Pronunciation: "Reez-ling 2"

Winemaker: Bence Laposa 
Region: Balaton
Variety/Blend: Olaszrizling and Riesling

Tasting Notes: 

A blend of Riesling and Olaszrizling grapes, this wine is an excellent example of Balaton’s basalt hills. Yellow fleshed fruits such as melons, citrus and apples, this is a medium bodied wine with a dynamic structure, a long lasting taste, and a classic flavour.

Goes great with: Grilled or baked salmon/tuna, grilled or roast chicken and turkey, creamy/buttery sauces, barbecues, pasta dishes like carbonara, seafood in creamy white wine sauce.

ABV: 13%

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