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There’s always something going on around Lake Balaton ...

… and this time, that’s true when it comes to the region’s wines too!

In a series of articles, we’ll introduce this exciting region to you, and show you what the winemakers around the lake are up to these days …

Referred to as the Hungarian Sea, Lake Balaton is a favorite tourist destination in Hungary in the summer and it is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. The northern shore is an important wine region, while the flat southern shore is famous for its beach resorts.

The lake has a strong influence on the climate of the region, resulting in an area of high humidity, cool summers and mild winters. The mountains of Bakony, located to the north of Balaton, protect the lake from cold north and westerly winds.

This microclimate made the region ideal for viticulture.

The Balaton wine region consists of six wine districts around or near the Lake Balaton: Badacsony, Balatonboglár, Balaton-felvidék, Balatonfüred-Csopak, Nagy-Somló and Zala.

The region’s most widely grown variety is Olaszrizling.

The writer Marai Sandor named this wine the drinking wine of the Hungarian people: It is the most widespread Hungarian variety of white wine, and one of the most reliable ones. It is related to the Rhine Riesling only by name.

Olaszrizling is not really rich in aroma, but its bouquet is reminiscent of mignonette. The racy, fiery wine has low-keyed acids greatly influenced by location and the year. It often leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of bitter almond.

At the moment, we have three beautiful Olaszrizling wines from the Balaton region in our product range, two of them from the Figula winery in Balatonfüred: Olaszrizling Safranykert and Olaszrizling 2015.

And then, the exciting news that takes us to our third Balaton Olaszrizling:
There’s a new concept and initiative called the BalatonBor that was created and launched as recently as spring this year. It’s an innovative community wine brand, a trademark that is all about celebrating and protecting Balaton’s Olaszrizling variety and putting the Balaton wine region on the map alongside Alsace, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Follow us and learn about the details next week, and until then, why not give it a try:

BalatonBor 2015 - Laposa Wine Estate


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