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Safranykert - Saffron Garden: A very special vineyard

In the last article in our Balaton series, we’re visiting a vineyard in a very unique location that constantly produces excellent quality wines: Safranykert.

Safranykert is a hill in Csopak, right beside Lake Balaton. The heat that the lake absorbs during the summer season and releases slowly in the autumn creates a unique microclimate here.

Safranykert’s proximity to the lake means that its vineyards benefit from this feature first hand, therefore its grapes ripen quicker.

A single-variety vineyard with only Olaszrizling vines, Danube Wines works with two winemakers who own vineyards here: St Donat and Figula.

We introduced to you St Donat winery here and here, so it’s time to take a look at the latter this time.

The Figula Winery was founded in 1993, but the family’s winemaking journey began in the 19th century. The family take huge pride in preserving Balaton’s 2000 years worth of winemaking traditions and in the bounty that the region has to offer, stating that it is the relationship between the land, the natural resources, and their careful expertise that makes their vineyards and their produce so delightful.

The Figula Safranykert 2013 is an exceptional vintage with beautiful weather throughout the year and ideal conditions to produce a fantastic Olaszrizling.

It has a harmonious composition of floral notes and fruity citrus flavours, with a little touch of spice that will go well with fish, grilled chicken, salads, quiche, cold meats and salami.

This is the perfect wine to round up September and our Balaton series, in October we’re moving on to Bikaver (Bulls Blood) season, stay tuned!



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