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Introducing some fine red wines from Villany

We’re always on the look-out for wines and winemakers who share our passion about great Hungarian wine and who cultivate those native grape varieties that authentically represent a particular wine region. And yet, we’ve not had any wines from the famous Villany region in our stock - until now. Why is that?

Well, Villany wines are made mainly using Bordeaux grape varieties. Although the wines produced here are extremely high quality and acknowledged both nationally and internationally, we didn’t really think that they would suit our vision of introducing unique native grape varieties that produce those characteristic Hungarian wines …


vineyard in Villany at Heumann


So, what changed our mind?

Cabernet Franc is an international grape variety, but many wine experts agree that it produces something truly unique in the vineyards of Villany: elegant, high quality wine with a very distinct character. A 100% Cabernet Franc red made in the Villany region is now called Villany Franc. Over the years, Villany Franc has developed into a so called wine region brand and is now the gem of South Hungary.

We’ve tried many great Villany Franc in order to find something that we would love to represent over here in the UK. Meeting Evelyne and Erhard Heumann, a Swiss-German couple who fell in love with Villany and its reds, hearing their story and seeing their dedication and professionalism to preserve what Villany Franc is all about, convinced us that we want Villany to be represented in our range too. 

What was originally a hobby grew into a passion and profession. The Heumann winery has won numerous international awards. The couple opened a beautiful wine bar among the Villany wine cellars, and they also own a guesthouse where they welcome visitors who want to explore the region and taste some of their special wines. 

And now, without further ado, here are two must-try reds from their cellars: An authentic Villany Franc and a fantastic blend: the Lagona.



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