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Furmint February

It's the first of February, International Furmint Day. The first of its kind in Hungary.

February is the month of Furmint in Hungary and has been so for 8 consecutive years. 1st February 2017 is the very first International Furmint Day, dedicated to celebrating this one single grape variety that produces truly unique elegance and complexity.

In Furmint February, restaurants promote furmint by offering certain bottles by the glass, special tasting events and dinners place it into their focus and there's a huge excitement around it across Hungary. The point is to raise attention to this variety that is now getting well-deserved interest from all over the world.

A relatively rare wine outside of Hungary, furmint is the base of our world famous Tokaji Aszu, and is cultivated in Tokaj, Somlo Hill and on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton.

Fruity yet serious, it is a very likeable dry wine that we recommend you to try.

Click here to see our full furmint collection that includes wines from all three furmint producing regions with wineries including the Zsirai sisters who are present both in Tokaj and Somlo Hill, Gabor Kardos and Istvan Balassa from Tokaj and St Donat winery from Csopak, Balaton.

To read more about the Furmint Day initiative, check out the Furmint Day website.


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