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*bor = wine
*Balaton = Lake Balaton in Hungary, Europe’s largest freshwater lake
*BalatonBor = BalatonWine
#BalatonBor = the trendy hashtagged version of BalatonWine. The hashtag emphasizes modernity and innovation.


BalatonBor is Hungary’s first community wine brand that was launched in spring 2016.

What’s a community wine brand?

The aim of a community wine brand is always about thinking together and collaborating in order to raise attention to the region and its wines instead of the individual winemaker. Conscious collaboration instead of competition.

One might say that it’s just a clever marketing trick, but there are great examples of how this sort of collaboration for a good cause has helped other European regional wines to be recognised on the world stage too (Austria - Wachau, France - Burgundy and Chablis and many more …)

The joint label of the first Hungarian regional wine

There are 21 winemakers at the moment that produce wine under the BalatonBor label. In order to be able to adapt the label, the winemakers have to undergo a very strict quality control system with specific rules and guidelines to ensure the Balaton standard:

  • There’s yield control in place: max 2kg per vine
  • Alcohol content: between 11.5 - 12.5%
  • Residual sugar content: 4 gram / litre
  • Fermentation: max 75% stainless steel tank and min 25% oak barrel
  • Min 4 months aging in tank and/or barrel
  • Single variety Olaszrizling with fresh, characteristic aromas

When it comes to branding and design:

  • Specific Burgundy bottle with numbered screw cap
  • Uniform label - only difference is the name of the winemaker or winery

This system of criteria including recommendations for the number of production and retail, has been established as a result of a series of professional discussion over more than a year’s time.

BalatonBor is actually on the bottom of a 3-tier-standard classification system, Hegybor (meaning: hill wine, or village wine as the French would say) and Dűlősbor (meaning: vineyard wine) being on the second and third tier and standing for even higher quality.

BalatonBor - Hegybor - Dűlősbor

Next week, we’ll introduce to you St Donat winery of Csopak who played a big part in establishing the quality control system.

St Donat is one of only a few Balaton wineries whose wine achieved Hegybor quality, and Danube Wines is proud to be the first one to introduce a Hegybor to the UK market by the end of September.

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