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2017: The year of Furmint

The Hungarian government declared 2017 the year of Furmint in order to draw some well-deserved attention both nationally and internationally to one of the most important native Hungarian grape varieties.


We welcome the news and believe that Furmint is really worthy of representing what Hungarian viticulture is all about. At present, there's 3951 ha furmint grape cultivated in Hungary. 3800 ha of it is grown in Tokaj, but the grape variety can now be found in almost all wine regions of Hungary.

Furmint lends itself to a wide range of wines from the famous aszu to light dry terroir wines.

One of the distinctive features of Furmint is the quantity and quality of its acidity that makes the wines elegant with great aging potential. Sweet wines made of Furmint – aszus in particular – are among the longest-lived wines in the world. 

2017 being the year of Furmint doesn't mean that all other important grape varieties are forgotten about. It seems more like an initiative that the government plans to renew year by year, focusing on different indigenous varieties and helping to beat the drum for them.

Here's a link to our rather extensive Furmint collection. Feel free to browse and if you ever need any help with selection, I'm always around to help.





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